These foods are very delicious and we love them, but after testing them we feel some discomfort. Is it from them or because of things they contains – it doesn’t matter, the fact is that they are difficult to digest. Yet we must find a way to reduce their negative effects and be in a position to eat them from time to time.

Chocolate – with it most problems come when we eat too much of its. A little of it will not harm you, but 1-2 chocolate eaten one after another will definitely negatively impact your stomach. It makes low cut muscle to leave and this allow to stomach acids to back up.

Raw onion – onion and garlic in many phytonutrients are healthy, but can cause gastric distress. In the heat treatment some of the problematic ingredients are deactivated ,but also the useful one too. Dietitians recommend to do a mix of raw and cooked onions suiting your taste but still keeping the nutrients.

Fried food – every time you eat breaded food, your intestines do not remain fascinated.In fried foods have much fat and it is difficult to digest it. If you have stomach problems, avoid consumption of fried foods because they often cause nausea and diarrhea.

Mashed potatoes – mashed potatoes is very tasty dish, but people who can not stand lactose should avoid its consumption. In restaurants and in prepared sauce there is milk and heavy cream, so if you like mashed potatoes, just do it at home, not put cream and use milk without lactose.

Raw cabbage and broccoli – they contain fiber and are very healthy, but they easy create intestinal gases. So if you want not to have this nasty side effect you should be cooked or blanched them slightly and this will deactivate the sulfur, which causes trouble with your stomach.

Sugar-free gum – sugar-free gum containing sorbitol in itself, which often causes the formation of intestinal gases. Look for chewing gum which contain in itself lesssorbitol, 2-3 grams are not a problem, but if you are over 10 grams, you would have some difficulty with digestion.

Ice cream – if you have problems with lactose, the consumption of ice cream will bring cramps, gases and bloating. You should not overdo with the consumption of ice cream because it contains fat, which remain in the stomach for a long time before being fully absorbed by the body.

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