Some time ago we wrote that laughter has health benefits, not only for good mood.

There are now complemented what to study demonstrates that laughter affects the body as it reflected the practice, reports the Daily Express.

When people are laughing mood raises levels of stress hormones and reduce bad cholesterol, stimulate the immune activity, regulate blood pressure and increase levels of good cholesterol, explains the study’s authors at the University of Loma Linda in California.

For the purposes of the study two groups of subjects were shown video clips funny or sad.

Before and after testing blood samples from participants were tested for two hormones – leptin and ghrelin.

Researchers have found that volunteers who watched funny videos, leptin levels have decreased and those of ghrelin are increased, mimicking the effect of moderate exercise.

“Emotions in everyday life affect our body in different ways,” said Dr. Lee Burke of the research team.

And as attractive look that can be weakened with laughter at the entry form only with proper diet and exercise quality.

Everything else is merely an adjunct.

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