While many athletes eat before exercise, European researchers recommend that people who want to lose weight, have to exercise on an empty stomach.

Several studies show that exercise when the body has not received food for a while, a good way to melt the fat.

European researchers found that cyclists practicing without being fed, burnedsignificantly more fat than their counterparts who are eating some.

Muscles take energy from carbohydrates. If a person has not eaten anything before a workout, your body will not have much in reserve carbohydrates.

This forces him to burn fat instead.

“When you play sports fasting, adrenaline is rising and falling insulin – Espen said Peter,a professor of sports physiology at the University of Leuven, Belgium. – This ratiopredisposes muscle to break down more fatty acids.”

He therefore recommended that those wishing to lose weight to play sport before breakfast.

If you really want training to be effective, then you should be careful not to overeat.

Plus, they will not become bad and serious.

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