Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 18, 2014

MiiSTS Intl. launches its newly patented ultra-slim spray bottle called MiiSTS. Each MiiSTS bottle offers 150+ sprays of one of eight different personal care products including natural hand sanitizer, natural insect repellent, SPF 50 sunscreen spray, and lens cleaner.

MiiSTS personal care essentials are designed to eliminate the typical bulge associated with carrying a traditional round bottle. MiiSTS bottles are the rough dimensions of a credit card and just 5mm in depth at its thinnest point. This design is intended to discreetly fit every day personal care and cosmetic products in pockets, bags, glove compartments, jackets and just about anywhere else.

MiiSTS Intl. debuted its new ultra slim bottles at the March 2014 Travel Good Association Show in Phoenix Arizona. Since then, MiiSTS has received acclaim from popular packaging and design forums including The Dieline, and will be featured in the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards celebrity gift bags. Additionally, MiiSTS has received orders from retail stores including Flight001, Bergmans Luggage, Mister Carwash and will soon be carried in several national retail and hospitality brands.

About MiiSTS:

MiiSTS was founded by Alex Meyers in 2013 with the goal of modernizing consumer packaging.


To learn more about MiiSTS, please contact Alex Meyers and visit


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