Dried fruits contains many nutrients, and, moreover, are much more useful than the fresh one.They are sweet because of the glucose and the fructose, they are caloric, but not dangerous for the figure.

Dried apricots are rich in provitamin A and potassium, which means they are good forkidneys and heart. They increase the hemoglobin in the blood – just for five days apricots provide the necessary amount of iron and calcium in the body. Vitamin B5 does
help burn fat and streng the immunity, which is very important, especially during cold and flu.

Dried plums are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, B , potassium, calcium,magnesium, zinc and iodine. It is believed that these fruits normalized the work of the intestines. And they are actually very good antidepressant and streng the vessels. Recently, scientists have found even that dried plums ‘fight’ the heads – blueberries in antioxidant contents. Therefore, especially residents of large cities, should regularlyeat prunes.

Dates contain all the vitamins except vitamin E and biotin / vitamin B7. It contains vitamin B5, which enhances vitality. It is curious that dates contains a substance similar to aspirin and low the temperature. In addition, dates recover normal levels of calcium in the blood.

Raisins are produced from bulk grapes dried with the seeds, or retail seedless. Moreuseful are white raisins. Cardiologists recommend them because of their highpotassium content in them. Neurologists do believe that they are an excellent way tocombat stress. Recommended for the prevention of osteoporosis because they are richin trace elements boron.

It is very important the choice of dried fruit. Apricots, for example, get darker during the drying process, but because of their appearance, are often treated with chemicals. So you should choose dark dried apricots, no matter that they have a bad appearance. Do not buy and ‘glossy’ prunes. Luster testified that they were treated with glycerin.

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