Today we know the qualities of an exotic fruit that is not so popular at home, but it is quite useful. Commemoration is a citrus tree that gives the largest citrus fruit. Originates from Asia and is grown by almost 4000 in Bulgaria is known only from a few years.

Although not yet as popular in our country, swept a worthy member of the citrus family. In 100 g of exotic fruit contains 44,8 mg vitamin C. Its composition includes vitamins B1, B2, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, protein, carbohydrates, proteins.

Because of its bitterness, swept long been consumed only the Indonesian peninsula. 10 years ago have created new, sweet varieties, which helps the wider dissemination of the fruit of the western market.

Cultivated varieties have a fragrance similar to a grapefruit, but bittersweet nagarchashtata his streak of taste. So sweep won his nickname “honey grapefruit.

Removed, unlike the grapefruit and other citrus fruits, no seeds, with some exceptions for different varieties. The bark is bitter, but, unlike it, the fruit has a fairly sweet taste.

Cortex contains a high amount of citrus bioflavonoids – natural Immunostimulants.Research shows that in the sweep Bioflavonoids can rid the body of excess estrogen and to contribute to stopping the spread of cancer cells in patients with breast cancer.

Commemoration has tonic action in states of fatigue. It is believed that helps with fever, sore throat, stomach pain, insomnia, etc..

In China, for example, kept swept before Christ, but for several years has established strict state program for the use of the fruit, which is claimed to be the savior of the Chinese people of various diseases and absolute guarantee of good health.

Even during an epidemic of avian flu, as its counter is recommended tea sweep. A Chinese New Year away its fruit as a symbol of prosperity and welfare.

In Thailand also appreciate the sweep and consider it a miracle. Local argue that if in 3 years the fruit is consumed daily, have a beneficial effect in treating asthma and tuberculosis.

And the effect of the same procedure within 5 years can destroy cancer cells. Thais are confident that consuming fruit after year become better, kind and loving people.

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