If you think that preserving the beautiful shape is achieved at the cost of long sessions in the gym, deep lie.

Only five minutes cycling per day can help women protect themselves from the accumulation of extra pounds.

This state results from the 16-year American study of 18,414 participants.

Specialists from Boston have found that most benefit from cycling is for women with greater weight.

“Even the little time devoted to this sport is enough, and helps women to control their weight. The more time you spend, however, representatives of the fairer sex of cycling, the better,” said Rania Mercury by the research team.

Analyzing survey data, experts have determined the following: Women who do not ride in 1989 but began in 2005 and released at least five minutes a day of cycling, were exposed to 25% less risk to gain weight .

For participants with overweight or obese who ride two or three hours a week, the risk was 56 percent smaller.

These findings are a wonderful news for those who do not like to spend their free time indoors in the gym.

Above all, this sport can be practiced daily if you create a habit to go to work by bicycle.

Of course, distance and road conditions must be appropriate.

Last but not least – cycling as a way to lose weight go times cheaper and is generally quite pleasant.

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