Getting More Fibre in Your Diet If you read our review of the appetite suppressant Appesat you will know that rather than taking Appesat we recommend UniqueHoodia. There are several reasons for this (see our appesat review for all the reasons) but one big reason is that essentially all Appesat does is give you a Read More →

If you think that preserving the beautiful shape is achieved at the cost of long sessions in the gym, deep lie. Only five minutes cycling per day can help women protect themselves from the accumulation of extra pounds. This state results from the 16-year American study of 18,414 participants. Specialists from Boston have found that Read More →

Some time ago we wrote that laughter has health benefits, not only for good mood. There are now complemented what to study demonstrates that laughter affects the body as it reflected the practice, reports the Daily Express. When people are laughing mood raises levels of stress hormones and reduce bad cholesterol, stimulate the immune activity, Read More →

In each diet the most important is the quantity and nutrition products- their ability to quench hunger. If you are “tired” of vegetables, fish and meat, that’s how to candiversify your diet. Soups are an integral part of the meal. Focus on chicken, vegetable soup and tomato soup. Chocolate contains beneficial to the cardiovascular system Read More →

Walking not only tones and lifts the mood, but is very useful in beautiful shape and tighten your muscles. It is known that the distance remaining day stimulates blood circulation and thereby makes us healthier. It turns out that it is a good investment. Covering the 8 km walk a week can slow the development Read More →

Overweight volunteers who took a new experimental drug lost about 6 pounds in one year. Those who took medication, had less desire to eat sweet foods and foods containing starch. They felt satiate and appetite decreased. The study, published in the medical journal “Lancet” (Lancet), shows that the side effects of the drug were mild Read More →

Every woman wants to hear for herself that she is beautiful, slim, smart, attractive …..Unfortunately for many modern women the harmonious working of the organismis is threatened by the lack of a valuable substance – magnesium … Deficiency of this mineral leads to disturbances in metabolism, this leads to problems the menstrual cycle, reduceing the Read More →