Bodybuilding News: Another potent fat burner that body builders can use
Here we'd like to intriduce to our readers a fat burner that body builders and obese individuals can use to lose fat. Crazy Mass, the manufacturer of Anadroll, has launched the potent fat burner called Clentrimix/CLENBUTEROL for some time. As a body …
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VIDEO: 6-Move Full Body Fat-Burner Workout
Hard work always pays off. Always. But that doesn't mean you need to spend all of your time clocking in the hours and grinding away. This workout is quick, but tough, and you'll leave the gym burning fat long after your last circuit. The 21 Day Shred …
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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Fat is fat, right? Not necessarily. There is a difference between good and bad fat. Brown fat is usually stored in the upper chest and at the back of the neck, while white fat typically reveals itself in overflowing bellies, muffin tops, love handles and thunder thighs.

While good fats occur naturally in many foods and promote better health, trans fats and saturated fats are linked to negative health risks, including elevated bad cholesterol levels and lower good cholesterol levels, increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke. And because U.S. regulations allow food manufacturers to report 0 grams in foods that contain less than 0.5 grams of trans and saturated fats, most consumers are unaware that they are endangering their health by purchasing these foods.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, or good fats, are reported to have a positive impact on ones health, but because science has not revealed the secret to manufacturing healthy, brown fat in the human body, there seems to be only one sensible solution get rid of unhealthy, excess white fat and learn to distinguish the difference between good and bad fat.

Because Diet Doc recognizes that most people do not have the time to scan all food labels or a nutritional background, they have developed diet plans that are interesting and easy to follow, incorporate nutrient rich foods that nourish the body while being lower in calories and eliminating bad fats. Diet Doc patients report looking and feeling better than ever before by losing excess fat and learning to make healthier food choices by distinguishing the difference between good and bad fat.

New Diet Doc patients will complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online consult with one of Diet Docs highly trained fast weight loss doctors. During the consult, the doctor will assess the entire system to uncover the real reason for weight gain. Diet plans will be tailor made that are compatible with each patients age, gender, medical conditions, nutritional needs and fast weight loss goals. These diet plans may be enhanced with Diet Docs hormone treatments and exclusive diet pills and supplements to allow patients to see fat melt more quickly from the body. This powerful blend signals the body to seek out bad fat, forcing its release into the bloodstream to be quickly flushed from the body.

Diet Doc distinguishes itself from the competition by providing patients customized diet plans that focus on each patients individual needs. Weekly checkup calls monitor comfort level, attitude and weight loss progress and enables the doctors to recognize weight loss plateaus and to reset the metabolism with medication and diet plan modifications. This level of personal service cannot be duplicated by the competition and has made Diet Doc the nations leader in safe and fast weight loss programs.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care across the USA


San Diego, CA

(888) 934-4451


Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

For girls looking a long-term treatment way for their period pain, a all-natural answer for PMS may not usually appear like the greatest choice. With such a excess of over-the-counter treatments plus pain medications accessible for girls with serious menstrual cramps, bloating, tiredness, plus alternative PMS signs, compounds plus minerals like calcium plus magnesium may appear to pale compared.

However, unique analysis has demonstrated which calcium plus magnesium may aid ladies ease by their menstrual cycles, particularly those whom experience serious PMS cramps. Whats more, calcium plus magnesium provide greater long-term solutions, because theyre secure to utilize over a long time period. Unlike pain treatments, that have especially limited short-term employ, calcium plus magnesium doesnt damage the liver plus alternative bodily processes.

For girls interested in the ideal PMS supplement, theyll like to guarantee which the elements include calcium plus magesium, claims Uka Tumur, co-founder of all-natural PMS supplement Period Vitamin. Period Vitamin is an illustration of the all-natural supplement which contains high degrees of these significant compounds, both of that function together to ease cramps plus different PMS signs.

So what is this analysis about calcium, magnesium, plus PMS and just how could a all-natural supplement like Period Vitamin assist girls experiencing moderate to serious PMS?

According to an post inside prestigious publication The Wall Street Journal, specialists were mentioned because declaring which adult females beneath 50 need regarding 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day, the amount found inside 3 or 4 glasses of dairy. But, numerous girls fall brief of these policies, that adds to osteoporosis and improved PMS signs (

Articles like these aid demonstrate how important significant compounds like calcium are to womens health, Tumur, a holistic wellness expert plus supplement developer, explains. Most girls ought to be incorporating more calcium into their diets, specifically when theyre experiencing period pain woes.

In addition to calcium, magnesium has equally been shown to make countless beneficial results for females with serious PMS signs. In a research within the University Centre for Adaptive Disorders plus Headache at University of Pavia, Italy, ladies inside 1 group were provided magnesium supplements, whilst the additional group was provided placebos. Over the course of 2 months, females whom received magnesium supplements reported an easing of their PMS signs, whilst females inside the 2nd group continued to be affected by serious menstrual cramps. The information, according to scientists, looks to indicate which magnesium supplement might represent an powerful treatment for main PMS symptoms ( .

While Tumur is not amazed by these results she guaranteed which Period Vitamin contained calcium plus magnesium to aid fight serious PMS symptoms she is additionally rapid to point out which ladies ought not to depend about only these 2 compounds for aid with their premenstrual cycles.

Nutrients like calcium plus magnesium dont exist inside a vacuum, she points out. They want different elements to heighten their efficacy, that ensures which consumers are getting the maximum benefit from these powerhouse compounds.

One of these elements is Vitamin D, that The Wall Street Journal has mentioned because a vitamin thats important to the consumption of calcium. Vitamin D furthermore called the sunlight vitamin is additionally a proven mood-booster, that could aid various girls enduring the adverse psychological effects of their premenstrual cycles.

Instead of taking a cocktail of supplements, Tumur suggests which females seeking all-natural solutions for PMS pain turn to a supplement like Period Vitamin, that contains these 3 key elements, and also more compounds which have been proven to help inside reducing well-known PMS signs.

About Period Vitamin:

Period Vitamin was built inside 2008 with a team of holistic specialists with years of experience inside analysis the greatest standard herbs, vitamins, plus minerals. The makers of Period Vitamin are driven with a single goal: to offer girls with all the ultimate period pain relief they require to lead satisfied plus happy lifestyles. By providing girls with high-quality PMS supplements, the machines of Period Vitamin are assisting girls reside a fulfilling plus active life-style, free of PMS pain. Experience what Period Vitamin is all about at now.

Contact: Uka Tumur

Phone: 888-889-5689

Email: CustomerService (at) PeriodVitamin (dot) com


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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

Old School Labs, creator of the favored premium sports supplements Vintage Burn plus Vintage Build, has announced an endorsement partnership with ARCA Truck Series rival Tim Mennecke. Mennecke might serve because a Brand Ambassador for the organization, assisting to advertise Old School Labs natural supplements as well as its strategy based found on the Golden Era bodybuilding culture of the 1960s plus 1970s.

As a competitive racing driver, I have to be inside peak bodily condition inside purchase to deliver my ideal performance, mentioned the #17 Chevrolet S10 racer. And Old School Labs treatments have been assisting me do precisely which.

It signifies a lot to you which Tim depends about the goods to aid him excel, Old School Labs founder plus CEO Tarek Sidani mentioned. Hes equally somebody whos realizing a lifelong dream, plus his dedication plus perseverance are values which furthermore shape a core piece of the strategy.

Hailing from San Diego, Calif., Mennecke developed a passion for racing at a young age. After serving inside the Marine Corps plus being discharged below honorable conditions inside 2012, he moved back to his adopted hometown of Colorado Springs. There, he tuned his racing abilities at the famous Andy Hillenburg High Performance Driving School with his sights set about racing inside the ARCA Truck Series. He was thereafter proud to accept the previous position of Chris Bailey Jr., whom famously forced to a championship inside 2010 plus earned the ARCA Truck Series Most Popular Driver honor inside 2011.

In sponsoring me plus my race truck, Old School Labs won’t just gain a sturdy following inside the racing community, however is endorsing the values of honor, courage, plus dedication which stand together with their own, mentioned Mennecke before getting back to his Chevrolet S10 for more practice laps.

About Old School Labs:

Old School Labs is the machine of premium supplements that carry found on the fitness strategy of the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Old School Labs treatments never conceal behind proprietary blends, contain no synthetic sweeteners or synthetic tastes plus are produced utilizing just top-quality elements. Its items include Vintage Burn, a fat-burner crafted to aid maintain muscle whilst eliminating fat, plus Vintage Build, a 3-in-1 muscle-builder prepared with all the many important elements. Old School Labs treatments have been showcased inside prominent magazines including L.A. Confidential Magazine plus Haute Living Magazine.


My experience utilizing Garcinia Cambogia supplements the initially 2 weeks, including positive plus bad effects plus results.
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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

Today, Henry Rearden of is focused on the BioTrust Low Carb whey protein blend. Himself an avid user, Rearden emphasizes the primary qualities to look for in a worthy whey product, and what BioTrust has done to accomplish this standard.

For the record, BioTrust Nutrition emphasizes the qualities of honesty, integrity, and trust. It is this approach they claim to use as a guiding platform in creation of their array of weight loss, whey protein, and other health-related supplement products.

Just in case the casual weight loss tire-kicker might tend to overlook the importance of whey protein in their nutritional arsenal, Henry has this to say: “Do not even consider the notion of burning fat and losing weight without entering a whey protein supplement into your daily intake. It is an absolute necessity! I don’t care if you ‘accelerate’ your weight loss with other pills and supplements or trendy ‘diets’ – fine, but by including whey protein in your lifestyle improvement goals, you are infinitely more likely to realize long-term success with your goals.”

Having established this all-important theme, Rearden goes on to enumerate some of the qualities most relevant to quality whey protein: “timed-release, all-natural, low sugar content, low-temp processing, no hormones, proper, quality protein blend, great taste, honesty in labeling.”

Summarily, asserts Rearden, whey protein is not just for muscle-heads and fitness buffs. It is an essential item for anyone interested in weight loss, tight muscles, improved metabolism, increased energy, better nutritional balance, and overall health.

More information is available on the BioTrust Nutrition Low Carb webpage.

Rearden’s review can be accessed here. is a free-spirited site where author and chief editor Henry Rearden enjoys profiling and reviewing fresh sometimes trendy – new products to hit the health market. Anything in the periphery of health and well-being is fair game for Henry to pull off the shelf for a look-see!

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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2014

The immune system is one of the most important parts of the human anatomy. Responsible for defending the body from infection, the immune system decreases the risk of illnesses due to viruses, parasites and bacteria. Many people suffer from poor immune system function, and this can stem from nutrient deficiencies. The latest article by, Top 5 Immune System Boosting Nutrients, shares information about nutrients that are vital for promoting a healthy immune system at any age.

Immune system dysfunction problems can range from minor impairments that simply result in more frequent illnesses to serious problems that put sufferers at risk for deadly infections. What is the link between immune system function and good nutrition? In what ways might the immune system malfunction if one does not follow a healthy diet? Will eating right completely prevent a person from becoming ill? To find out, visit or click

Within the immune system, the process of fighting foreign threats is the work of a variety of different cells. What are some of these cells that are so important to keeping the body healthy? How are these cells connected to the nutrients in one’s diet? Which foods should a person eat to help ensure that these cells can function at their best? To find out, visit or click

Nutrients in the human diet come from a variety of sources, including foods and drinks and dietary supplements. When should someone who is concerned about immune system function consider taking supplements? Which nutrients supplements could be beneficial for individuals who wish to promote immune system health? How can a person know for sure if he or she should take a supplement? To find out, visit or click

There are a variety of vitamins and macronutrients that research has linked to immune system function. Which of the essential nutrients are considered vital to immune health? Why are they important? What foods contain them? To find out, visit or click

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