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The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) in partnership with Scientific American Worldview recently held an invitation-only roundtable on the topic of The Science of Wellness: Hype or Hope? Leaders from the medical, science, business, technology, research, media, workplace wellness and hotel/spa worlds gathered on February 11 at the Everyday Health headquarters in Manhattan for a wide-ranging conversation on the many ways that science and evidence-based medicine are impacting the wellness industry, and how wellness (and the growing medical evidence for wellness approaches) is impacting people, traditional medicine, private companies and public policy.

The discussion, co-moderated by Jeremy Abbate, VP, Global Media Alliances, Scientific American; Publishing Director, Scientific American Worldview and Susie Ellis, president and CEO of the GWI, included executives and experts from American Public Media, Cornell and Rutgers Universities, Delos, Everyday Health, The International Heart and Lung Institute Center for Restorative Medicine, Optum, Paramedical Consultants, Inc. (PCI), Patients Beyond Borders, Pegasus Capital Advisors, Six Senses, SRI International and Viacom Media Networks.

The leaders assembled identified numerous best steps forward to build a healthier world: from the need for powerful public health marketing campaigns around obesity and sedentary lifestyles – to a much more intense focus on cognitive/behavioral psychology to identify a science of lifestyle change for a world getting fatter and sicker to a call for more (and more appropriately designed) clinical trials on wellness approaches.

A more detailed report on the recommendations emerging from this roundtable will soon be available at:

Top Ten Recommendations – Experts gathered argued we need

Simple, Provocative Public Wellness Campaigns: Some of the biggest wellness successes of the last century have involved powerful marketing messages (like the anti-smoking, stop littering, or wear seatbelts campaigns of the 20th century or more recent ads visualizing how many packets of sugar reside in a can of soda). We need new health campaigns and public service announcements around weight loss/obesity and sedentary lifestyles that are simple, inspiring and are repeated over and over.

More Behavioral Sciences Research to Create a Science of Lifestyle Change: While medical research on the benefits of wellness approaches grabs headlines, the key to healthy populations is to begin to crack the code on helping people start, and sustain, lifestyle change. We know so little, and a more intense focus on, and new research in, the behavioral sciences and cognitive psychology (from brain plasticity to choice architecture) is critical if we ever want to create an evidence-based science of lifestyle change and willpower.

More, better-funded studies on wellness approaches: Clinical studies on wellness approaches represent the under-resourced David to Big Pharmas Goliath. Average R&D costs for a new drug have reached $ 2.9 billion,* while funds for wellness clinical trials are drastically less (often under $ 100,000) and the GWI estimates that (Stage 3) drug trials have around 100 times the participants: roughly 50 for a wellness study, vs. 4,000 for a drug trial. Without more, better-funded trials, highly respected medical organizations like Cochrane will continue to withhold positive recommendations in their meta-reviews on practices like meditation or yoga, even when theres positive, preliminary evidence.

A Better Understanding of and More Appropriately Designed – Wellness Studies: Clinical trials on wellness approaches often have unique qualities, and superimposing the double-blind model can be like fitting an apple into an orange. Placebo models dont work when participants know theyre experiencing things like meditation or exercise, and wellness approaches often involve practitioners, so cant be uniformly replicated (or regulated) like a pill. Short studies fail to capture the most meaningful outcomes for long-term, prevention-focused approaches, and all personalized medicines, like TCM and Ayurveda, defy the randomized trial model entirely. Another problem: most current studies on wellness approaches are performed on sick people (in the hospital setting), providing a limited view of their efficacy. Greater openness to analyzing (and valuing) outcomes from studies that cant fit perfectly into double blind, or even randomized, trial designs is needed.

Doctors to Expand Their Understanding of the Wellness Concept & Consult the Evidence: Despite growth in integrative medicine, the medical experts at the roundtable agreed that the vast majority of physicians still narrowly equate wellness with testing (i.e., mammograms, osteoporosis checks, etc.), at which point the prevention boat has often already sailed. And while almost all doctors turn to evidence-based medicine databases to evaluate courses of treatment, almost none consult those databases for studies on wellness approaches – and the lions share of their required continuing medical education comes via drug companies. Medical systems, insurers and policy-makers must support more physician education around and the prescribing of wellness approaches like diet change, exercise, etc.

More Media Responsibility in Communicating Wellness Info: If people are unlikely to get much wellness information from doctors, theyre devouring it at media/digital channels, where theres an explosion of reporting on the latest wellness studies and miracle breakthroughs. The rise of digital has been a double-edged sword: empowering people with unprecedented sources of health information (Google just reported that one in twenty searches is health-related), but also confusing them with contradictory, often un-contextualized new findings. More media responsibility, and more peer reviewing and curation of wellness studies by medical professionals, is needed.

To Stop Putting Wellness in the Alternative Medicine Bracket, If We Want to Serve Millennials: Entrenched healthcare systems and older generations have viewed medicine and wellness as separate, even antagonistic, domains, but the millennial generation (and younger) views health very holistically, where wellness, diet and exercise are not alternative, but key pieces in a total health puzzle. Medical systems and marketers that want to reach younger generations need to embrace that new reality.

To Recognize That Private Companies Are Often Leading in Applying Science to Wellness: Wellness is a $ 3.4 trillion,** consumer-driven market, and its private companies and public-private partnerships that are applying science to new wellness concepts the most creatively: from Delos building a lab with the Mayo Clinic to test and develop new healthy for humans features for the spaces people live and work in – to companies like Lighting Science creating healthy, nature-based lighting technologies – to new, billion-dollar healthy cities being developed globally, incorporating hospitals, education and every aspect of healthy living.

Workplace Wellness to Move Beyond Generic ROI Reporting and Focus on Culture Change: Companies are adopting workplace wellness programs at an explosive rate, but so many things

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Sarasota, Florida (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

At expert Supplement Center, the staff isnt only talking the mention the supplements they sell, in their 90-Day healthier Weight Challenge, they usually have taken on the gauntlet and walking the walk, literally. And 10 days into the challenge, they have already lost 137 weight!

Our staff is often up for a challenge, and also this appeared like a great way in order for them to experience some of the products we recommend, while also learning to make healthier choices and benefiting from similar guidance available to our clients, said Sheri Davis, creator & Co-owner.

Heres how the challenge works:

1.����Each participant had a personal evaluation with Jacquie Eubanks, the staff nurse which focuses primarily on assessing, establishing and coaching to optimize people health with the correct utilization of pharmaceutical level nutrients and supplements.

2.����All participants received Nordic Naturals ProOmega Lemon fish oil supplement, Douglas Laboratories Multi-Probiotic 15 billion, Enzymedica Digest Gold (a potent digestive enzyme,) and Metagenics PhytoMulti, multivitamin.

3.����The members were damaged into three teams on the basis of the diet health supplement which was deemed perfect for all of them by Eubanks; plus they got either Ortho Molecular CLA that supports reducing body fat while increasing muscular tonus; Douglas Laboratories Super HCA (garcinia cambogia herb) that aids in normal appetite regulation; or Integrative Therapeutics 7-KETO Lean that helps burn off fat, perhaps not muscle, and encourages fat loss.

4.����Eubanks offered counseling which meals to prevent and which to add in order to balance out their nutrition.

5.����Each participant is checking their development by logging what they are eating, the way they are experiencing, and what kind of activity they actually do.

6.����Weekly personal weigh-ins with Eubanks give the members an opportunity to further improve their particular plan on the way to a healthy and balanced weight.

Getting the opportunity to assist our staff be more cognizant of what they’re putting in their systems and having to look at excellent results they’ve been experiencing is a tremendously satisfying experience in my situation, stated Eubanks, Six folks have currently satisfied their particular original weight reduction objective and generally are today taking care of keeping or reaching a level loftier objective.

While only a percentage of this staff does the process, many people are supplying a support system for those who are. The countertop into the kitchen area used to be stocked with potato chips and cookies, so now you walk in and there’s good fresh fruit or other healthy choices, said Davis This has truly made a confident affect the employees as a whole.

The task will result in November, but the hope is the fact that healthier habits gained over the 90 days will continue with every person for lifelong. Each employee whom finishes the process can not only be given the supplements at no charge due to the generosity of the producers, nevertheless they may also enjoy yet another holiday day due to the management at expert Supplement Center, together with the advantages of living a more healthy life.

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General Health Products:

Making the FDAs brand new plan be right for you

**FDAnews Webinar**

Feb. 25, 2015 11:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m. EST

Imagine if a device fell into a class where devicemakers not any longer must be concerned it could suddenly be stated an unapproved health device by the Food And Drug Administration and obligated to seek approval or, even worse, be pulled through the market.

Well, thats precisely the instance for a brand new course of low-risk general health services and products.

In brand new assistance, the agency states it will work out its administration discernment rather than manage certain applications along with other items that assist handle weightloss, physical fitness, tension or any other areas of health as medical products.

In another unanticipated but welcome move, the Food And Drug Administration will defer regulation of products ensuring disease-specific claims, provided specific conditions tend to be pleased. There is just one single snag. Exactly what is the Food And Drug Administration’s definition of basic health?

Attendees will find out the answer to this concern (among others) at FDAnews’ Feb. 25 webinar General health items: steps to make the FDAs New plan be right for you.

In this session, regulatory expert Frederick Stearns will explain exactly what the latest general health plan means and just what devicemakers will have to do to be sure their particular devices and apps be eligible for this brand-new category.

Particularly, attendees will find out:

Steps to make yes devicemakers make suitable health claims, not unsuitable therapy claims that may operate afoul of FDAs plan.
How to make sure a device fulfills Food And Drug Administration criteria for a low-risk product
Evaluation particular types of statements that do, and don’t, adhere to the policy
Comprehend the new versatility readily available for particular condition associated claims
Explore considerations to grow application of plan beyond FDAs restricted examples

there is no time like now to understand all the ins-and-outs associated with brand-new FDA guidance about general wellness products.

Meet the Presenter:

Frederick Stearns, companion on lawyer Keller and Heckman LLP in Washington, DC. Their rehearse requires an array of issues impacting manufacturing of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, medical devices, dietary supplements, and beauty products.

Mr. Stearns assists product makers evaluate the importance of marketing and advertising approval from FDA, to follow appropriate approval when needed, and target regulatory conformity issues with marketed products (including OTC drug monographs, item labeling and marketing, and existing great production practices).

That Will Benefit:

Regulatory matters specialists
App Developers
Regulatory attorneys

Conference Details:

General Wellness Goods:

Steps to make the FDAs brand new plan be right for you

**FDAnews Webinar**

Feb. 25, 2015 11:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m. EST


$ 287 per web site

Easy Methods To Register:

On line:

By phone: 888-838-5578 or 703-538-7600

About FDAnews:

FDAnews is the leading supplier of domestic and worldwide regulatory, legislative, and business news and information for executives in industries controlled because of the US Food And Drug Administration together with European Medicines department. Pharmaceutical and medical product professionals rely on FDAnews’ printing and electronic newsletters, publications and conferences in which to stay compliance with worldwide requirements and FDA’s complex and ever-changing laws.

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Gluten is a protein composite consisting of gliadins and glutenins found primarily in wheat, barley and rye products, such as bread and pasta. People who are sensitive to gluten can suffer numerous side effects, including fatigue, headaches, gas, bloating and diarrhea.

Because Diet Docs goal is to help people of all shapes, sizes and medical conditions enjoy a life free of the burden of dangerous and embarrassing excess fat, they created specialized diet plans that are compatible with almost any medical condition, including those with gluten allergies. The company found that simply providing their patients with a list of foods to avoid did not benefit their patients and updated their diet plans to include education on how and why to avoid foods that trigger gluten allergies or other untoward food reactions in their body. Diet Docs specially trained fast weight loss team works closely with each patient to guide them toward natural, safe and rapid weight loss with gluten free diet plans that combine the healthiest principles of popular diets, such as the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet with Diet Docs modern approach.

New patients will complete a health questionnaire and consult online with a Diet Doc physician. This one-on-one personal contact enables the doctor to speak directly with each patient and to review the entire system before recommending the best gluten free diet plan for those patients with gluten allergies. And, because the company has partnered with Telemedicine, patients can consult with their doctor, schedule weekly checkup calls and reorder prescription diet products from the privacy and comfort of their own home, avoiding costly and time consuming visits to doctor offices and weight loss clinics.

Patients are then paired with one of Diet Docs certified nutritionists who will design gluten free diet plans that are compatible with each patients personal food preferences and individual nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs. Those who wish to accelerate weight loss may choose to enhance their gluten free diet plans with Diet Docs prescription hormone treatments, exclusive diet pills, powerful fat burners and appetite suppressants. This powerful combination not only triggers the brain to target, burn and quickly flush stored fat from the system, but also allays the typical dieting side effects, allowing patients to smoothly and comfortably transition into their new slimmer body without loss of energy, between meal hunger or carbohydrate cravings.

Because Diet Doc clients are able to finally realize fast weight loss results without suffering side effects typically associated with following a gluten free diet, more and more dieters are turning to Diet Doc, the nations leader in safe and fast weight loss programs. The company urges those of any shape or size, and in any part of the country, to call today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with the experts.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care across the USA


San Diego, CA

(888) 934-4451



Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss

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