Hoodia and Appetite suppression Look on the web and you will find hundreds of appetite suppressants all claiming to do the same thing, but have you ever looked closely into how they work? On the one hand you have got natural appetite suppressants such as Proactol and UniqueHoodia that can help you to cut your Read More →

Today we know the qualities of an exotic fruit that is not so popular at home, but it is quite useful. Commemoration is a citrus tree that gives the largest citrus fruit. Originates from Asia and is grown by almost 4000 in Bulgaria is known only from a few years. Although not yet as popular Read More →

Are Fat Burner Really Safe and Effective? Fat burner are becoming more popular each day as the number of people failing to keep up with their exercises for more than a month have left many people frustrated and dishearten with their progress. However, along with the rise in popularity is also the growing concern whether Read More →

Cayenne for weight control Some dieters say that cayenne helps decrease appetite. Originally from South America, the cayenne plant is now used worldwide as a food and spice. Cayenne is very closely related to bell peppers, jalapeсos, paprika, and other similar peppers. The fruit is used medicinally. Controlled studies report that adding 6 to 10 Read More →

How to Stop Snacking at Work We have all been there, you turn up to work full of good intentions for the day. You promise yourself you will not give in to temptation and not a single sugary treat will pass through your lips. Snacking at work is not even an option today. It’s all Read More →

Middletown, PA (PRWEB) October 17, 2014 The Baby Boomer population is rising each year, and its members are unlike former generations in terms of their collective desire to stay fit and active as long as possible. However, the natural aging process can sometimes make wellness more challenging with the onset of conditions such as osteoarthritis Read More →

Kiwi has been transferred to Europe in the 19th century not for food but for decorations of greenhouses. It originates in China and it grows on vines. In the beginning they called kiwi – Chinese peach and Japanese strawberry. Farmers of New Zealand started to cultivate vines, but they decided to name it kiwi fruit Read More →

While many athletes eat before exercise, European researchers recommend that people who want to lose weight, have to exercise on an empty stomach. Several studies show that exercise when the body has not received food for a while, a good way to melt the fat. European researchers found that cyclists practicing without being fed, burnedsignificantly Read More →

Dried fruits contains many nutrients, and, moreover, are much more useful than the fresh one.They are sweet because of the glucose and the fructose, they are caloric, but not dangerous for the figure. Dried apricots are rich in provitamin A and potassium, which means they are good forkidneys and heart. They increase the hemoglobin in Read More →

Why Are You Still Overweight? Many people try as they might just cannot lose the extra pounds. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to be larger than others; some people do have thyroid problems or other medical conditions that do mean it is near impossible to lose weight without some medical intervention. But for the vast Read More →